EarthSafe is a specialty access division of New South.

Specializing in wetlands access, bridging, and recycled HDPE composite mats.

Made to go where others simply can’t.

EarthSafe uses the very first access system in which the mats simply float on the vegetative layer of the wetlands. Plant and animal life are virtually unaffected, making it the most environmentally-sound way to access protected areas. Innovatively designed to work with wetlands rather than against them, the emtek™ mats used by EarthSafe do not block normal water flow. Rather, they just move with the water as the level rises and falls.

“Without EarthSafe and emtek, we would not have been able to build this project. The marshy conditions and high water in the Bear Creek marsh area were such that we were unable even to walk more than a few yards into it. Our predicament was that we needed to not only traverse its entire 1.6-mile length, but find the means to support construction crews and equipment totaling more than 200,000 lbs. New South and EarthSafe vastly exceeded our expectations in terms of design, logistics, effectiveness and environmental sensitivity. EarthSafe saved our project, preserved the marsh and saved us money.”

Stan Tessmer – American Transmission Company Major Projects Manager


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