How It Works

Built smarter from the ground up.

The New South team starts each project by taking your exact design criteria, carefully analyzing the wetlands, and then determining what needs to be built to support that particular load factor. Every mat is RFD-tagged so it can be easily tracked by GPS. Using only low ground pressure, tracked equipment in installing and removing the mats, our logistics team builds the project as we move through the site, never having a piece of equipment enter the wetland area. Also, rather than you having to buy mats, New South can provide and install them for you at the designated location. Compared to traditional timber matting, EarthSafe can often help to reduce project costs.

Assurance that every mat is accounted for.

Keeping track of every mat is vitally important in environmentally protected areas. That’s why each one is equipped with a radio frequency tag and a designated GPS location. Once mats are in place, we scan them into a computer program, taking inventory of every mat and its precise location. Then, when the mats are picked up, they’re rescanned to ensure that we find and account for every single one. After all, you never leave a mat behind.

Designed so that your footprint was almost never there.

As for the wetlands areas themselves, our specially trained site crews and eco-sensitive equipment work to provide the least amount of site disruption possible. Overall, the EarthSafe approach dramatically shortens recovery time, enabling protected areas to return to their former beauty – just as nature intended. We will be happy to evaluate your project at no cost. Call 1-866-922-MATS (6287) for full details. EarthSafe from New South.